Tarot Card Meaning: All Tarot Cards Explained In Detail

Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot cards are fascinating and have unique meanings related to them. It consists of 78 cards, each with different symbols, stories, and imagery. Every card is crucial for the determination of the results.

Some people believe that tarot cards are nothing but paper printed in a fancy way. But people who have been observing these cards for the last 20-30 years say that these cards are life summaries.

So, let’s understand what is Tarot Cards and Tarot Card Meanings here.

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are similar to small playing cards and paper cards that come in a deck. Each card represents different archetypal lessons. Tarot cards are shuffled and laid on the table.

When the tarot cards are spread on the table and read, it reveals important messages and holds a new perspective. Tarot cards are our lives’ storybooks and wisdom to our souls.

Some people might find it repulsive. But this is the fact. The calculation behind these tarot cards is very interesting. These 78 cards hold the story of life and every spiritual lesson we face in our lives.

The readings of the tarot cards are accurate. It shows what we have done in the past and what we will do in the future. These 78 cards can be proven a crucial point in anyone’s life. Some of the readings can be done only through major cards.

Tarot Card Meanings List

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning
  1. Suit of Wands– This is one of the four minor cards that corresponds with the element of fire and everyday life.
Suit Of WandsQuick Meaning
Ace News, fertility, and beginnings
TwoMaking plans
FourA holiday
FiveStrong opinions
QueenA Creative Woman
KingA Creative Man
  1. Suit of Cups– This is another minor card that symbolizes everyday events and corresponds with the elements of water.
Suit Of CupsQuick Meaning
Ace Love, fertility, beginnings
FourBoredom; stasis
FiveLoss, sadness
SixPeace; a visitor
SevenConfusion; possibilities
NineA wish come true 
TenHappiness and family
PageFun and socializing
KnightA dreamer; a proposal
QueenAn intuitive woman
KingA warmhearted man
  1. Suit of Swords– This card corresponds with the element of air and symbolizes everyday life events.
Suit Of SwordsQuick Meaning
Ace Success 
SixLeaving conflict behind
PageGossip; contracts 
KnightBattles; an opponent 
QueenAn independent woman
KingA strong-willed man; also divorce
  1. Suit of Pentacles– It is typically related to everyday events and aspects of life and corresponds to the element of earth.
Suit Of PentaclesQuick Meaning
Ace Money, success, and beginnings
ThreeShowing your talent
FiveFinancial loss, exclusion
SevenPotential for success
EightMoney coming
NineMaterial comforts
TenInheritance, good business, and marriage
PageAn offer
KnightA dependable man
QueenA generous woman
KingA prosperous man 

Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana Cards
Major Arcana Tarot CardMeaning
0 The Fool Beginningsrisks
I The MagicianAction, ambition, and manifesting
II The High PriestessSecrets, intuition, and learning
III The EmpressCreativity, resources, motherhood
IV The EmperorOrder, power, and boundaries
V The HierophantUnity, marriage, and education
VI The LoversLove; decisions
VII The ChariotProgress; determination
VIII StrengthManagement; endurance
IX The HermitAnalysis; solitude
X The Wheel of FortuneLuck; fate
XI Justice Decisions, balance, legal affairs
XII The Hanged ManWaiting; sacrifice
XIII DeathTransformation, change, and new beginnings
XIV Temperance Negotiation

Major Arcana Cards Meaning

  1. The World Meaning– This card in the deck has a dancing figure in the center, symbolizing balance and evolution in movement. 
  2. Judgment Meaning– The card depicts what the last judgment would look like. The outreached arms shown in the figure indicate that it is ready to be judged by the world.
  3. The Sun Meaning– This card shows the dawn which is followed by the nights, and depicts optimism and fulfillment. 
  4. The Moon Meaning– This card has a wolf and a dog picture. This represents our animalistic nature.
  5. The Star Meaning– This card shows a woman standing on the edge of a pond kneeling on the floor. The woman pours water on the dry land to ensure prosperity.
  6. The Tower Card– The card shows a tower on the top of a mountain on fire. This shows the faulty ambitions which we keep in our minds.
  7. The Devil Meaning– The card shows a half and half goat devil structure. It represents its dominance and its ability to hold fine things.
  8. Temperance Meaning– There is an angel on the card whose gender cannot be determined. This shows that there is equality and no differences among the genders.
  9. Death Meaning– We see a skeleton riding on a white horse with flags in hand. It depicts the death of a human.
  10. The Hanged Man Meaning: has a photo of a man hanging upside down on a world tree. It is known that this figure supports heaven.
  11. Justice Meaning This card symbolizes justice, truth, and law.
  12. The Wheel of Fortune Meaning is the most symbolic card in the deck. This shows the life cycle through multiple pictures on the card.
  13. The Hermit Meaning The old man is standing on the top of the mountain with a lantern in one and staff in another hand showing the level of knowledge he has attained. Now he is ready to impart his knowledge to the whole world.
  14. Strength Meaning This card has a woman standing with a fully grown lion below her. This shows the strength of the woman.
  15. The Chariot Meaning The chariot is driven by two horses, showing the end destination.
  16. The Lovers Meaning The card shows a picture of a man and a woman standing together with power above. The couple seems to be protected and happy.
  17. The Hierophant Meaning This card represents a picture of a religious figure sitting in a church in a formal environment.
  18. The Emperor Meaning The emperor card shows an impassive figure sitting on the throne. The figure represents the sign-Aries.
  19. The Empress Meaning This card is a picture of a woman sitting on the throne representing the Earth mother archetype- the goddess of fertility. 
  20. The High Priestess Meaning the priestess’s location suggests that she must act as a mediator between the depths of reality.
  21. The Magician Meaning The figure shows a figure standing with one hand pointing above the sky and one on the ground, which depicts “as above, as below.”
  22. The Fool Meaning The figure depicts a man walking joyfully in the world. Taking his first step, the man is excited about the life ahead.

The 22 major Arcana cards represent life’s karmic and spiritual lessons. These cards depict the various stages and understandings of life. These cards hold major meaning and lessons of the soul and self-awareness.

Additionally, the 56 minor cards reflect the misery and trials we experience daily. These cards show the practical aspects of our lives that we face regularly. These cards can reveal how a temporary issue can leave a long-term or short-term impact on our lives.

Within the deck of 78 cards, 16 Tarot Court Cards represent 16 different personalities that we may choose at any given point in time. Each of these 16 cards shows 16 other characteristics. 

For the various situations we encounter daily in our lives, there are 40 numbered cards. These cards are present in 4 suits: Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles. Each suit contains a set of 10 cards.

Tarot card reading is an art and has a message for a basic summary of life. Each card tells a different story of our lives. The cards can determine anything about our lives and cumulate.

They tell the results of our efforts. One requires patience and continuous practice to read the cards perfectly. This perfection cannot be achieved in one day or overnight.