Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning Explained In Detail

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

The Major Arcana is a set of 22 cards set within the tarot card, which is considered the core foundation for all the cards in the deck. All the cards in the deck are filled with archetypal importance, but these cards are the most pronounced.

These cards follow a story pattern about humanity’s spiritual evolution into enlightenment and individuation. Humanity has traveled from the innocent wonder of the fool to the fulfillment and oneness of the world.

When we follow a fool’s journey, we can notice the standard parallels between various stages of our lives and those in cards. Each card teaches a specific life lesson and a concept to meditate over. They form the basis of the tarot, and some readings can be done only with Major Arcana.

So In this article, I’ll explain all the Major Arcana Tarot Cards meanings in detail.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning (Table)

Major Arcana Tarot CardMeaning
0 The Fool Beginningsrisks
I The MagicianAction, ambition, and manifesting
II The High PriestessSecrets, intuition, and learning
III The EmpressCreativity, resources, motherhood
IV The EmperorOrder, power, and boundaries
V The HierophantUnity, marriage, and education
VI The LoversLove; decisions
VII The ChariotProgress; determination
VIII StrengthManagement; endurance
IX The HermitAnalysis; solitude
X The Wheel of FortuneLuck; fate
XI Justice Decisions, balance, legal affairs
XII The Hanged ManWaiting; sacrifice
XIII DeathTransformation, change, and new beginnings
XIV Temperance Negotiation

Let us briefly understand all the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Explained

The Fool Meaning

This card depicts a youth walking joyfully in the world. This card is numbered 0, which indicates the infinite potentialities of this card. He is innocent, and his journey will shape his character. 

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The Magician Meaning

This card is a pure representation of willpower and determination. Through your inner voice and potential, you can achieve your desires.

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The High Priestess Meaning

This card is indicative of inner knowledge. This card suggests you go with your intuitions rather than listening to the conscious mind and intellect.

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The Empress Meaning

This card shows a woman sitting on the throne. This card suggests you embrace your inner beauty so that you can bring happiness and joy to your life. She also signifies to be kind to you and to take care of yourself. 

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The Emperor Meaning

This card represents authority, organization, regulation, and fatherliness. The emperor is a critical thinker who plans for the welfare of his people.

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The Hierophant Meaning

This card embraces the conventional approaches. This card suggests following a path that is well established. It also means staying inside a traditional boundary considered an orthodox approach. 

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The Lover’s Meaning

The primary meaning of this card is perfection, activeness, and enthusiasm in a romantic relationship.

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The Chariot Meaning

This card is all about facing challenges and gaining victories in your life by keeping your surroundings balanced. 

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Strength Meaning

This card shows the picture of a woman holding the jaws of a fully grown lion. It indicates the strength and fortitude to face the most dangerous and challenging situations of life. 

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The Hermit Meaning

The hermit is a seeker of the knowledge which comes from within. This knowledge can only be gained through the inner voice.

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The Wheel of Fortune Meaning

This card communicates that life is made up of good and bad times, and this cycle is beyond the control of anyone. 

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Justice Meaning

This card represents the ability of a person to judge a situation. The decisions made anytime can give the consequences in a very fair manner.

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The Hanged Man Meaning

This card represents the sacrifice of a man to progress further in life. It is done to calculate the paths onward. 

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Death Meaning

Despite being one of the most feared cards in the Tarot deck. Its literal meaning is very different and positive. This card indicates an ending of a phase in your life. 

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Temperance Meaning

This card indicates balance with lots of patience in a human. When this card shows up in your tarot reading, you have achieved a level where you have a habit of letting things go.  

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The World Meaning

This card has a dancing figure in the center representing balance and evolution. It indicates the feeling of fulfillment, and its meaning changes from time to time.

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Judgment Meaning

This card is a reflection of one’s self-evaluation. We are the one who is responsible for evaluating our actions. This thing is necessary for us to grow as human beings. 

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The Sun Meaning

The sun card represents the feeling of fulfillment and optimism. This card represents success, radiation, and abundance. It also shows that lots of joy and happiness are on your way. 

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The Moon Meaning

This card is an indication of two paths. In the first part, you can be the best version of yourself, while the other path represents the darkest path full of uncertainties. 

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The Star Meaning

This card shows the picture of a woman who is sitting on the edge of a small pond. This card indicates hope, renewed strength, and the power to live a perfect life.

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The Tower Meaning

The tower represents changes most radically. It means destruction, but this is done to strengthen the foundation. Be patient and wait for the results.

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The Devil Meaning

Getting the devil card in your tarot reading represents the feeling of emptiness, entrapment, and lack of fulfillment in your life.1

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