Death Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Death Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Names: Transformation, Mortality, Thirteen
  • Number: XIII
  • Numerology Link: IV, The Emperor 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Scorpio the Scorpion 
  • Element: Water 
  • Hebrew Letter: Nun 
  • Symbol: The fish 
  • Meaning: Decline and rebirth 
  • Death Tarot Card Meaning: Transformation and change 

The death tarot card depicts the messenger of death. The death tarot card has a skeleton wearing black armor and riding a white horse. Here the skeleton is giving the sign of the body.

The part that remains after the death of a person is the armor in the picture, which is a sign that the skeleton is indestructible and that death will surely come no matter what. Here, the white horse signifies purity, strength, and power. 

The death tarot card has a flag on which five white rose flowers reflect beauty and immortality, whereas five represent change. Altogether, these reflect that death is not the end. Death is the beginning of a new life. 

The Death tarot card has a figure that tends to look royal sleeping dead on the floor, and on the other hand, there is a young, pretty woman with a child requesting the skeletal figure-the figure of death-to forgive the royal figure and spare them.

But it is a universal truth that death sores no one, whether rich or poor. 

In the back, there is a boat floating in the river. The rising sun between the two towers. Here, the ship represents the journey from death to rebirth, while the sun represents the reborn.

Upright: Death Tarot Card Meaning

If the upright death tarot card comes up in your tarot card reading, it signifies some positivity in your life. This card is misunderstood in tarot card reading.

After watching this, the only thing that comes into a person’s mind is that they don’t have more time. Death is on its way to them. But it is not like that at all.

The upright death tarot card reflects the end of the period, which was like a pause.

You might have some work and things in your life that were acting like a barrier, a barrier that was blocking other possible opportunities from coming into your life.

All you need is to leave behind your past, move ahead, and be ready to embrace new possibilities in your life.

It is difficult to forget the past, but it is not impossible to engage yourself in exploring new things once you start moving forward.

For sure, there is no going back. The results will motivate you to move ahead and leave the past behind. 

Always remember that any changes you are making in your life or time are making in your life must be welcomed positively in your life. This will help you open more doors for yourself and give you a more satisfying experience.

This card may bring sudden, unexpected changes. From death, you can never be able to run.

Death not only brings a difference in your own life, but it also changes the lives of the people associated with you. 

This card gives you the lesson that you need to remove unhealthy parts of your life and live your life to the fullest. It would help if you learned the meaning of life profoundly and over time.

Death teaches you to let go of the past in your life, especially the wrong things and phases of your life. This is the perfect card to help you leave your bad habits and behavior behind. 1

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Reversed: Death Tarot Card Meaning

When the reversed death tarot comes up in your tarot card reading, it shows that time is coming for a new change in your life, but you are stopping it from happening.

Somewhere, you don’t know how to make the changes in your life that you want in your life. You are still connected to your memories, interfering with your new opportunities.

The Reversed Death tarot card advises you to accept new changes in your life with a smile rather than fight them. You will see how your yes will bring good opportunities into your life.

You don’t have to carry your future sorrows with you; all you have to do is learn from them. The day you start doing this, your future will seem brighter to you. 

You are on track for personal transformation, which may be hidden from others.

You are investigating what is no longer serving your interests so that you can eliminate it from your life and make room for new possibilities.

You might be making changes in your habits, starting not limiting and resisting yourself from anything or trying to change your physical appearance and health, or maybe you are focusing on your mental health, and you don’t want others to know about that. 

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