The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Emperor Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Name: The Grandfather 
  • Number: IV 
  • Numerology Link: XIII, Death 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Aries the Ram 
  • Element: Fire 
  • Hebrew Letter: Hei (Heh) 
  • Symbol: Window 
  • Meaning: Progress 
  • Tree of Life Pathway: Fifth, between Tiphareth and Chockmah 
  • Chakra: Base, for security 
  • Emperor Tarot Card Meaning: Control, security, order, and ambition 

On the Emperor’s Tarot Card, a figure of a stolid ruler can be seen sitting on the throne and he is adorned with the heads of four arms, which represents his astrological sign- Aries. On the one hand, the ruler can be seen carrying a scepter which signifies his sovereign power. 

On the other hand, he is carrying an orb which symbolizes the kingdom he is watching over. 

The ruler is experienced, and his experience is indicated by his long beard. Over time, he has learned much about what it takes to rule, establish power and authority, and complete orders for his people’s benefit. These all qualities signify that he is a learned king.

The barren mountain behind the king indicates his high determination, ambition to gather good leadership quality, and ambition to achieve greater heights. The Emperor rules his kingdom with authority, strength, and force. 

Upright: Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor is all about control and authority. This card means to rule, organization, regulation, and fatherliness. The Emperor is represented as a strategic thinker who plans everything with a vision.

He symbolizes a masculine figure that creates rules, systems, and regulations for everyone and imparts his knowledge to others. 

The Empress desires a happy kingdom, whereas the Emperor demands discipline and honor. The king is a rational ruler who keeps the crown above all and serves his kingdom with full dignity and discipline.

If this card shows up in a reading, it increases the chances of achieving the goal you have set up for yourself.

It represents a prosperous future that will be achieved in the way of the Emperor, strategically and methodically. 

Alternatively, this card also signifies that you could be in charge of some important thing or project. This can be a place where strategic and decisive thinking is required. 

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Love Meaning

Though the Emperor is a serious man and has nothing much to do with romance, its appearance in the tarot reading is still significant. The Emperor can bring stability, seriousness, common sense, and stability to the relationship. 

The Emperor is an established man, making it hard for him to confess to others. This card often symbolizes a man with ego and who is of dominating nature. This makes them unable to empathize with others.

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Career Meaning

Right now, your career may be flourishing, and you are achieving new heights because of the hard work you have done in the past. The Emperor suggests you be disciplined, persistent, and efficient for what you want from your job.

Your workload might be frustrating and chaotic right now. To avoid this situation, you must take up new methodologies and working structures. This card can also point towards a helpful senior or your boss at the workplace who helps you accomplish your tasks. 1

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Financial Meaning

When the Emperor shows up concerning your finances, it suggests you be more controlled, disciplined, and responsible with your money.

Make a financial budget every month, keep a check on where your money is going, and always be attentive towards your money. As long as you follow this strategy, you will be financially stable. 

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Reversed: Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor in the reversed form signifies abuse of authoritative power. It can mean the overreach of fuel from a father figure in social life. It could come from your superior who is trying to control your decisions in your career. This person in your life wants to control your actions and impose strict rules on you. 

You want to get freed from such people in your life for further growth. The Emperor can represent a lack of self-control and inability to decide about a situation on a personal level. The king acts dominatingly in fear of losing power and forgets to do the best for his people. 

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Love Meaning

The reversed Emperor signifies a struggle for dominance in love and relationship. There is a feeling of competitiveness for completing desires instead of coming together with a collective idea.

This card signals an autocratic partner. It can be you or your other half. Alternatively, this card signals that there is difficulty in connecting with your partner emotionally. 

Reversed: Emperor Tarot Card Career Meaning

The Emperor in the reversed form indicates a lack of discipline. If you are not focused at your workplace, you might face difficulties in finishing your projects.

The rigidity and bureaucracy in your work environment are stopping you decide creatively. This suggests that your boss might be ruling the workplace like a tyrant in the worst case. If you are working at such a place, start looking for other opportunities immediately. 

Reversed: Emperor Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The Emperor in the reversed form concerning your finances shows that your finances are out of your control right now. This card also shows a person’s inability to deal with their finances properly. Take a closer look at your earnings and your spending to control your finances. 

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