The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Empress Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Name: The Mother 
  • Number: III 
  • Numerology Links: XII, The Hanged Man, and XXI, The World 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Venus 
  • Element: Earth 
  • Hebrew Letter: Daleth 
  • Symbol: Door 
  • Meaning: Attainment 
  • Tree of Life Pathway: Fourth, between Binah and Chockmah
  • Empress Tarot Card Meaning: Abundance, generosity, and creativity 

The Empress Tarot card represents a loving, caring, and nurturing woman. This is relatively a feminine representation of a person. This person cares about others and takes all the possible efforts to fulfill their needs.

The Empress Tarot card shows a woman sitting on the throne and surrounded by nature. It seems like she represents Mother Nature, a goddess of fertility. Venus rules her world, which signifies love, harmony, luxury, and fertility by the grace of the goddess. 

The woman has blond hair and is crowned with stars, indicating her divine relations with the spiritual realm. 

She is wearing a pomegranate-patterned robe representing fertility, and she is seated on a robe adorned with a Venus sign. The forest and river surround the Empress. When the Empress shows up in a reading, it brings blessings and plentifulness. 

Upright: Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress depicts our stand with how deeply we are connected to our femininity. This could be related to expression, nurturing, fertility, and presentation, among other aspects of femininity.

This card signals the way to bring happiness and joy to our lives. It suggests you connect with your inner feelings and attract circumstances that can be beneficial for you to grow as a person. The Empress asks you to be kind and to take care of yourself. 

This card strongly suggests pregnancy and motherhood. You need to check it with other cards to confirm this news. It can instead be just an indication motherly and caring attitude.

It can also indicate the birth of new business ideas or projects in your life. The projects and ideas will be successful if done with complete dedication. This card is an archetype of Mother Nature that suggests you be closely associated with nature and its allies.

Upright: Empress Tarot Card Love Meaning

The meaning of the Empress card originates from the element of earth. The person indicated by this card is loving, caring, nurturing, and motherly.

The person appreciates beauty and comforting things, as has financial stability. The Empress suggests working with your co-worker or on a new business venture. 

This card favors a love relationship and sometimes suggests pregnancy. If not this, it at least offers a healthy family.1

Upright: Empress Tarot Card Career Meaning

Currently, you are enjoying a boost in your career as your creativity is at its best right now. You have become more passionate about your new business venture or project than ever.

You are nurturing and generous with your workplace as well. You are taking all initiatives to make your workplace even better. Alternatively, this card also suggests that your other co-worker possesses all these qualities. 

Upright: Empress Tarot Card Financial Meaning

This card indicates a stable financial situation right now. You may be willing to share your wealth with your family and friends as this is the best economic time for you. Use this time generously to nourish your finances and grow.

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Reversed: Empress Tarot Card Meaning

This card suggests that you have become emotionally weak and has lost too much strength and willpower because of your efforts for other people’s concern.

The Empress has a loving and caring nature, but sometimes this can harm a person. You might be ignoring your own needs to fulfill other people’s needs. 

Sometimes you are being dependent on others to fulfill your needs, which must be avoided. Bring confidence in your actions and put all your efforts into completing your task independently.  

Reversed: Empress Tarot Card Love Meaning

The reversed form of this card suggests that your partner is over-controlling or the opposite. This can make your love life suffocating and doubt your worth. In these circumstances, you will face difficulties in maintaining your relationship. 

This card suggests self-care. Take some time for yourself to boost your confidence. If you’re in a relationship, spend time with your partner to make the bond strong with your partner.

Reversed: Empress Tarot Card Career Meaning

Your career is slow a little bit now and unfulfilling for you. You are not able to develop your skills and abilities. This stagnant position can be frustrated sometimes.

This can lead to a feeling of insecurity with your career as well. Take the initiative to improve your current situation. Switch a job, or learn a new skill. This will boost your confidence and communication skills. 

Reversed: Empress Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The Empress is a favorable card for finances. Even in the reversed position, it indicates financial stability. However, in the reversed form, you may have an ideal financial situation, but still, you feel unstable and disturbed.

You must perform some mental activity to bring back the stability. Do all these things while being responsible with your finances, and everything will be fine. 

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