The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Alternative Names: The Jester, The Idiot

Number: 0 (can be unnumbered or XXII, depending on the deck)

Astrological Planet: Uranus (Symbolizing free spirit and independence)

Element: Air 

Hebrew Letter: Aleph 

Symbol: The ox 

Meaning: Instinct

Chakra: Crown, for spiritual connection, and base, for survival 

Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Innocence, risk, and beginnings. Take action but with caution and preparation. 

  • First You can see a young carefree man (fool) standing at the edge of the cliff.
  • Next, You can see a dog beside him and this dog represents instinct and self-preservation. In the tarot card dog is trying to warn the fool about the ending cliff. But the fool is unaware/ignorant to the dog’s warning.
  • The white flower or butterfly: You can see the fool’s holding a white flower which indicates purity and innocence. But some cards show the fool with a butterfly in that case it indicates dreams and spirit.
  • You can see fools carrying some bundle. The bundle contains just his essentials and four talismans.
  • Next, You can see a White sun which represents consciousness and expressive minds.  
  • The last thing is the feather on the fool’s cap. This red feather represents his life force.
  • The Fool Tarot card has the number 0. You may be thinking, “Oh, 0 means failure, and you will not be able to achieve your dreams, or maybe you will never be successful in your life.” Stop there. It’s not at all like that. This card brings unlimited courage and potential to you. The Fool Tarot card is placed initially in the major arcana or at the end of the major arcana tarot card. 

Upright: Fool Tarot Card Meaning

When the upright fool tarot card comes up in your tarot card reading, it is a sign that new beginnings and opportunities are knocking on your door.

No one knows what is next in their life in the same way you are just experiencing your life. You don’t know what is coming next to you.

You are only going with the flow. You are just making commitments and following your heart no matter what. Now it’s time to let the universe take you. 

The Fool tarot card encourages you to have a curious, exciting, and adventurous mind. Allow yourself to get acquainted with your unknown fears and worries about what will happen next and what is coming to you.

Let yourself grow personally and allow yourself to develop more and more while having an adventurous life.

The time you were waiting for has come now. If you believe in yourself and move forward to chase your dreams, You are out on a journey without carrying anything.

You don’t need anybody in your life to achieve anything. You don’t need anybody’s green flag to move forward. All you need is a spirit of keeping moving forward.

You already have so much potential. You have a lot of opportunities in front of you right now, and the time has brought a lot of potential for you if you use it correctly.

The Fool tarot card suggests you relax, enjoy and have fun in your life. Treat your life as an amusement park and keep exploring new things in it.

With your creative mind, embrace the beauty of the world. Become a child to live life to the fullest. Be a carefree person.

Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. Don’t let anybody’s suggestions bring negativity to you. Be engaged with yourself and in your world.1

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Reversed: Fool Tarot Card Meaning

When the Reversed Fool tarot card comes up in your tarot card reading, a new project might be waiting to be implemented, yet it has not come.

You may be confused about your skills, resources, and tools and think that you are not ready to fit into that project. Or you think that the right time has still not come.

Some reasons are holding you back. Because of them, you are resisting yourself. You might be taking too many risks in your life while you are acting recklessly.

You are engaging yourself in risky work. You will need to learn not to hurt others and use the Fool tarot card in a context that does not harm others.

Explore things and try to bring more joy to your life. 

The reversed fool tarot card also shows that you, in that phase of your life, are only focusing on your present life, things, and plans and are not ready for future items and incidents.

Also, it suggests you be alert to the people who can use you for their work and take your advantage.

In your unnecessary excitement, you are lacking behind and behaving very carelessly.

Because of this, you lack confidence, inner faith, hope, joy, and fun in your life.

You always tend to start new things quickly, but you forget to finish most of the time, making people think you are a fool.

This card alerts you that you need to stop being careless and need finish what you have started in the past.

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