The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Names:, Time, The Old Man, The Poor Man 
  • Number: IX 
  • Numerology Link: XVII, The Moon 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Virgo the Virgin 
  • Element: Earth 
  • Hebrew Letter: Yod 
  • Symbol: The hand 
  • Meaning: Prudence 
  • Chakra: Heartseed, for soul remembrance 
  • Hermit Tarot Card Meaning: Healing and self-exploration 

The Hermit tarot card has a hermit standing on the top of the mountain alone. The mountain ranges are covered with snow and indicate the hermit’s growth, talent, and spirituality.

After clearing a path full of obstacles and challenges, the hermit has reached his destination and successfully discovered his inner soul. The hermit, The seal of Solomon, has a lantern in his right hand on which there is a six-pointed star, which is a seal of Solomon. 

The seal of Solomon is a symbol of wisdom. The lamp helps the hermit cover his path, but it only lights up the path taken in the next few steps, not the whole journey of the hermit.

In his left hand, he is holding a long staff, which helps in guidance and balancing and represents the power of the hermit.

Upright: Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

When the upright Hermit tarot card comes up in your tarot card reading, it shows that you might be thinking of taking a break from your daily life and drawing your full attention to finding the answers to the questions that your soul is asking for.

You are trying to acknowledge your inner self, and for now, you have started believing that you don’t need the outside world to gain knowledge.

Your inner soul is full of wisdom. You are on a journey to find yourself. It’s the perfect time to go away for the weekend to reward yourself and have a great time with yourself.

The Hermit tarot card suggests you treat yourself well. You might need to make this journey with a small group of people who believe in spirituality.

Move ahead with your willpower, know yourself and find your light.

Please create your own path and follow it to achieve your goals. Every step will bring new things to you. You will learn where to step next and where not to go. 

After self-examination at a very high level, you are heading in a new direction. You are reevaluating your personal goals and dreams.

You have started looking at your life more profoundly and briefly and have also started taking steps by looking at your plans. Because of this, a significant change has come to your life and in your choices.

The hermit may appear in your tarot card reading as a spiritual mentor to tell you the path you were looking for. This card will teach you how to find an answer for yourself and, especially, find a solution within yourself.

You might be thinking that you need to be alone. If your heart is saying to take this step, go for it. Don’t be afraid.

It might help you clean up the clutter in your life. You might be searching for the guidance of your inner soul to find what is right and what is not, where to go and where to not.

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Reversed: Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

It has two meanings when the Reversed Hermit shows up in your tarot card reading. 

You might be taking too much time for yourself, or you might not be giving yourself any time at all. 

The reversed hermit tarot card tells you to go deeper into your soul, improve your inner self, rediscover things, and again start your work and the purpose you want to fulfill on this earth.

You might be ignoring your inner voice because you are busy with your daily routine.

The reversed hermit tells you to listen to yourself, know your inner soul deeply, and rebuild your goals and purposes again at some spiritual level. 

If you are already busy giving yourself a lot of time, then the Reversed Hermit suggests that you might be going far from other people in between all this, as you are cutting yourself off from others in some ways.

And for a person, maintaining a social life is very important.

So you need to understand that one must not underestimate the value of the connection with others. As a result, there is no need to be constantly preoccupied with yourself.

Learn to give time and importance to others too.

Consider this: if you are in a relationship with someone and you are constantly preoccupied with yourself, how will your partner react to this? he/she will probably be pissed off all the time with these things because everybody wants their partner to spend quality time with them.

Or think the opposite once. If you don’t give yourself quality time, it can be so tiring and irritating for you and your mental health. So, having a balance in life is essential.

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