The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Names: The High Priest, The Pope 
  • Number:
  • Numerology Link: IV, Temperance 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Taurus the Bull 
  • Element: Earth 
  • Hebrew Letter: Vau (Vav, Wav) 
  • Symbol: Nail or connector 
  • Meaning: Kindness 
  • Chakra: Causal, or fourth eye, for spiritual connection 
  • Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning: Education, unity, spiritual and direction 

The Hierophant Tarot Card is a teacher of the tarot decks, or we can say he is a pope who Taurus rules.

The Hierophant is a figure that reflects religion in some ways. The Hierophant is sitting in between the two pillars of a temple. This temple is different from the high priestess one. 

The Hierophant wears three robes altogether but in different colors. One is red, one is blue, and the other is white.

The Hierophant also wears a crown of three tiers, representing his consciousness, subconsciousness, and super consciousness.

The Hierophant is holding a papal cross in his left hand that reflects his religion and its religious sign raising his right hand and pointing two fingers toward heaven and the other two towards the earth. And also, there are the cross keys at his feet. 

Here, the Hierophant’s role is to spread spirituality, wisdom, and religious awareness.

And the cross keys at his feet represent the many mysteries he carries with him, as well as the balance he maintains between his conscious and subconscious minds.

He can also solve the puzzles and the tricks that one can learn only from him. No one else knows about those tricks. 

Upright: Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

When the upright Hierophant tarot card comes up in your tarot card reading, it signifies spirituality, religion, beliefs, and wisdom. 

The card of Hierophant influences you to learn the fundamentals of life and theology from well-known, trusted sources before you get into learning and discovering. 

You own your own fundamental beliefs and the system of your choice. 

Suppose you want to work with an educator who can also assist you in learning religious values and beliefs.

In that case, you can also choose an authority who can help you in deep root learning and achieving a divine understanding of core principles.

Also, you can opt for a formal way of learning to explore a particular subject and a document thoroughly. 

Suppose you have achieved mastery in any subject or a particular field, and you are playing a role in the education field.

In that case, it’s your responsibility to give a deep-rooted learning experience to others.

You must provide them with a structured and planned learning experience with core principles to learn to respect old-aged traditions. 

The Hierophant suggests you make the statement, tried and tested, your principal for life.

You are a person who believes in old learned principles and fundamental rules instead of learning about new innovative ideas of the modern era because you believe old ideas give successful results.

The Hierophant also suggests that if you are lacking in adapting your religion’s rituals and traditional values, you must start daily prayers, a religious practice, and prayer before meals to adjust them.

This will surely help you to explore religion’s values and spirituality.

The Hierophant also reflects that you have been or you are a part of a group or an association somehow. It can be a gym, a community church, or a temple.

You are a person who enjoys being surrounded by people. You have a deep belief in religion, religious values, spirituality, and wisdom. 1

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Reversed: Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

When the Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card comes up in your tarot card reading, it reminds you that everybody is their teacher.

All spirituality and wisdom come from your soul, not from any external source or force, and can only be enhanced by external learning.

You are advised to follow your inner spirituality and beliefs rather than follow others’ systems.

For the first time after, your soul may be a little hard and unsettling, but it will settle on its own with time. 

Everyone may oppose you for following your motivation to go against your relationship’s belief, but you know deep down that if it is not now, it will never be.

The reversed Hierophant tries to make you believe that you no longer need to approve external suggestions.

You are all ready to live according to your own will and inner guidance. You always create your path, and you are alone enough. 

The Hierophant reversed is all about challenging your challenges. You see, the world is very different from the others.

You are always ready to test new concepts and ideas. If you feel like you have lost your freedom and flexibility, now is the time to make your own rules and boundaries. 

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