The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Names: Illusion, Luna 
  • Number: XVIII 
  • Numerology Link: IX, The Hermit 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Pisces the Fish 
  • Element: Water 
  • Hebrew Letter: Qoph (Kuf) 
  • Symbol: The back of the head 
  • Meaning: Hidden problems 
  • Tree of Life Pathway: Nineteenth, between Malkuth and Netzach 
  • Chakra: Third eye, for intuition 
  • Moon Tarot Card Meaning: Illusion, dreams, and crisis 

When we come across the Moon, we see a path that leads us to a path that has distance.

We can see a dog and wolf on the sides of the path, showing our animalistic nature, one being civilized and the other being wild and untamed.

There are crawfish coming out of the pond, which originates the path.

There are two towers on both sides of the road, suggesting the doubles visible in this card. In this card, there always seem two possibilities.

When we walk down to the road, we cross a fine line between the tamed side and the wild side of ourselves. 

The towers on the two opposite ends represent the two forces of good and evil, and they are similar. This similarity can create problems while distinguishing between them. 

Upright: Moon Tarot Card Meaning

On the one hand, your imagination power takes the best out of you. In the darkest night, you are taking the most dangerous path, leading to many uncertainties.

It would help if you allowed the Moon’s light to guide you through this path full of darkness.

You must figure out the source causing fear and anxiety in your mind so that you never get distracted and deviate from your path.

The negative energies must be eliminated from your surroundings, and you must do something constructive. Don’t let these things take away your best you. 

The Moon Tarot card also suggests an illusion in your life. The things which you see are particularly not present in your life.

Some hidden energies are giving you false hope. These energies must be taken away so that you can focus on actual things.

Upright: Moon Tarot Card Love Meaning

When this card shows up concerning your love life, it indicates that your love life is complicated and full of misunderstandings.

It would help if you did something to make it work. Otherwise, the problems will continue.

It would help if you changed your ideology and old thinking, which keeps you away from stability in your relationship.

You must change your approach towards your relationship and examine them as well. This will lead you to the right side of your relationship. 

Upright: Moon Tarot Card Career Meaning

There are some problems with your career right now. You are unsure about your work, which makes your career unstable.

Also, the work environment around you is tense, creating confusion and taking away your clarity about your work.

It would help if you made better work decisions and you can do so. Solve these issues so that the career graph is not affected. 

Upright: Moon Tarot Card Finance Meaning

Incomplete information about anything can lead to your misfortunes. The Moon suggests you not make any significant financial decisions right now.

Your confusion and uncertainty about your finances is the biggest problem for you right now. 1

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Reversed: Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon in the reversed form indicates the presence of darker and negative aspects in your life. It could create confusion and unhappiness in your mind.

You want to grow in your life, but due to the confusion, you cannot make the right choice. You should overcome your anxiety and start believing in yourself. Your self-confidence will help you to make bold decisions.

Alternatively, this card suggests that you have overcome your fear and anxiety and moving forward to self-improvement.

You have started discovering the positive side of things, which has changed your perception of the items in your life. 

Reversed: Moon Tarot Card Love Meaning

The reversed Moon card suggests ambiguity and deception in your love life. You make decisions based on your intuitions which sometimes prove to be adverse.

You must ask yourself if you are being honest with your partner or not.

Also, it would help if you started observing your partner’s loyalty to you. Your malicious activities must be confronted with your partner, bringing transparency and trust to the relationship.

Reversed: Moon Tarot Card Career Meaning

The Moon in the reversed form shows that you are getting more clarity about your work.

Also, you have attained a better understanding of which direction you must choose. This is the result of consistent hard work. 

Alternatively, this card indicates that your situation is worsening. Everyone in your work surrounding is becoming more protective, defensive, and suspicious. This can make your worst thoughts true. 

Reversed: Moon Tarot Card Finance Meaning

This card suggests two things about your finances. On the one side, it means your clarity about your financial decisions and complete information about what you will spend on.

However, on the other side, this card suggests that you are being more deceptive about your finances. Always go with your instincts and try to overcome your fear and anxiety.

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