The Star Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Star Tarot Card Meaning
  • Alternative Names: Hope, The Stars 
  • Number: XVII 
  • Numerology Link: VIII, Strength 
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Aquarius 
  • Element: Air 
  • Hebrew Letter: Tzaddi 
  • Symbol: The fishhook 
  • Meaning: Hope 
  • Chakra: Higher heart, for universal love 
  • Star Tarot Card Meaning: Hope, guidance, inspiration, and creativity 

The Star tarot card depicts a picture of a woman kneeling at the edge of a small pond. There is also a container through a dry land watered to nourish it and ensure its fertility, and the green land around her confirms it.

The woman has kept her one leg inside the water, representing her inner strength and spiritual abilities. At the same time, her other feet are on the ground, which depicts her physical potential and strengths.

The Chakra is represented by a Central Star surrounded by seven small stars. 

Aquarius is the astrological sign of the Star Tarot Card. The holy bird of thought is represented by a bird sitting behind the woman. 

Upright: Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star Tarot card brings strength, power, and hope to continue with our lives. It shows us how privileged we are as so many things surround us.

This is the result of blessings by the universe. This card suggests the realization that we hold everything within us to fulfill our needs.

The card sends a message to have faith in yourself and the universe will bring all the things you need in your life.  

If the Star Tarot card shows up in your reading, you have faced a life challenge in the past.

You faced that challenge without losing hope. While surviving your tough times, you have discovered your inner strengths and power. Now you have to appreciate all that you have. 

Upright: Star Tarot Card Love Meaning

This card indicates the hope in your love. Your sense of hope and optimism gives you a sense of your charm and charisma.

If you recently had a breakup and are recovering from the same, this card shows that you are on the right path. You are rebuilding your confidence which will help you move on from your past relationship.

If your relationship is going through a relatively challenging phase, this is the best time to heal. You have to be honest with your partner, and you both will be closer to each other.

Upright: Star Tarot Card Career Meaning

This card suggests you remain faithful, and your ambitions will be achieved. This will bring positivity to your life, and others will give you opportunities because of your attitude.

The start is the reminder to keep your hopes high so that you can choose wisely when it comes to your career. If you have gone through a difficult time, this is your healing time.  

Upright: Star Tarot Card Finance Meaning

The Star card always suggests everyone remain faithful. The positivity will help you to achieve your financial goal as well.

Also, appreciate what you have to continue on your current path. Keep working dedicatedly to get the financial rewards as per your desires. 1

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Reversed: Star Tarot Card Meaning

When the Start Tarot Card is reversed, it indicates that every tricky thing has turned against you. The challenges which previously seemed to be exciting are now haunting you.

You have lost faith in the things which were earlier good for you. 

Without hope, we cannot overcome any problem. You have to believe in yourself and restore your hope so that you can overcome every hurdle of your life and restore joy and happiness.  

Reversed: Star Tarot Card Love Meaning

This card’s reversed meaning suggests a lack of judgment-making power due to a loss of self-confidence. You need to realize your self-worth, which will help you restore hope.

This will further help you to admit yourself as a worthy partner. If you are in a relationship, then try not to lose confidence.

If you are single, you believe that love only creates pain, but it is not the case. Change your perception, and you’ll be able to see the good in love. 

Reversed: Star Tarot Card Career Meaning

You may have negative feelings concerning your work with the reversed Star Meaning. You don’t feel enthusiastic and creative anymore, and you are lethargic when it comes to completing work.

Through this, you are making the situation worse for you. You need to change your approach while working.

Things will get better only if you want them to get better. Try to create a better surrounding to feel energetic at your workplace. 

Reversed: Star Tarot Card Finance Meaning

The Star Tarot in its reversed form suggests that you are struggling with your finances but has not lost all your hopes. You can make your financial situation better if you take some action.

A positive outlook on anything can shed light to open up new opportunities. Your finances are always in your control, and you just need to realize it. 

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