The Tower Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Alternative Names: The House of God, Fate, The Lightning 

Number: XVI 

Numerology Link: VII, The Chariot 

Astrological Sign or Planet: Mars 

Element: Fire 

Hebrew Letter: Peh (Pei) 

Symbol: Mouth 

Meaning: Chaos 

Chakra: Crown and base 

Tower Tarot Card Meaning: Destruction and enlightenment 

The Tower tarot card has a tall tower fixed on a mountain. The lightning strikes a house from the tower from which two people are peaking out from the building window with their heads and outstretched arms.

It reflects a scene of destruction or a pandemic. 

The tower itself is very stiff, solid, and strong, but its base is not even; it is shaky and uneven so that the building can fall at any time, even with a single bolt of spark or lighting.

This situation shows that if your goals and dreams are unrealistic, you may not build them.

The lighting here indicates that there may be a sudden urge to come and wash off everything, which may lead to a breakdown.

The light is entering the building from its top and striking the crown. This indicates that light or energy comes from the universe, from the crown chakra.

The people in the building want to escape from the building on fire without even knowing what to do if they jump out. 

The 22 flames around them represent the 12 different types of zodiac signs, and the other 10 indicate the values of the tree of life.

The tree of life here represents that there is always a ray of hope after a disaster. 

Upright: Tower Tarot Card Meaning

If the tower tarot card comes upright in your tarot card reading, then something very unexpected might be entering your life soon.

You should be ready to accept that it can be anything like a divorce, the death of somebody with whom you share a good bond, may lose your job, a tragedy may happen in your family, financial problems may come, or anything that can shake your heart and soul and also disturb you mentally and physically. 

When you think everything is going well, a moment comes in your life that shakes you from within.

The light that comes into your life unexpectedly illuminates the truth you are hiding behind and satisfies yourself with the lies.

You may break it down into pieces when you realize that the base you have chosen on which you are trying to build your empire is uneven.

All you’re doing is telling yourself lies, keeping yourself in a state of delusion, and a variety of other things. If you realize what’s going on, you can try to figure out what’s real and what’s not, what you can trust and what you shouldn’t.

Now all you can do is let this empire destroy itself. Begin again with genuine thoughts and dreams, and then rebuild them for yourself.

I know it may be painful for you, but you have to do it as you don’t want to waste more time building an unrealistic empire that can never be built.

This drastic change is challenging to accept, but you must trust the process and events and convince yourself that life is now working in your favor.

But this change in yourself will be a life-changing experience for you. It will help you grow more robust and more intelligent.

This type of moment gives life experiences and helps in increasing more in life. It also brings positive changes after removing all negativity.1

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Reversed: Tower Tarot Card Meaning

If the Reversed Tower tarot card comes up in your tarot card reading, then you might be on the path of learning and making changes in yourself at some personal level.

The upright tower tarot card shows the changes in life from the outside. In contrast, the reversed tower tarot card shows the inner soul beliefs, individual differences, life purposes, fundamental beliefs, and many more things related to your inner soul.

You may be going through a self-doubt period right now. You may be questioning your existence and your life purpose right now.

But these issues will get settled by the time, for sure, but in the interim period, you may change your life’s purpose and create the best out of yourself.

Right now, the reversed tower tarot card in your tarot card reading that you may be telling you to resist making those changes in yourself and your life.

You may be denying that you are anticipating those changes. Still, you may cling to those old fundamental life beliefs in your life even after knowing that they are not working for you.

But you need to understand and accept those changes in your life and need to learn lessons from those changes in your life to grow yourself. 

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