Minor Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings Explained In Detail

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings

The Minor Arcana tarot cards express the small things that control our day-to-day life relationships and every practical ambiance of life. Minor Arcana tarot cards also have a huge impact on people’s day-to-day lives.

They are minor, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have an impact on your life or have less value in your life than major arcana tarot cards. Major and minor arcana tarot cards play the same role and have the same impact on your life.

The Minor Arcana tarot cards consist of 56 cards and are divided into four suits; each suite comprises fourteen cards: the suit of cups, the suit of pentacles, the suit of swords, and the suit of wands.

Each suit has an Ace as number one, and the other four court cards are the king, the queen, the knight, and the page. Each suit is analogous to the elements (earth, fire, air, and water). 

The meaning of all Minor Arcana tarot cards is as follows:

The Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands displays your action, drive, willpower, dreams, passion, creativity, and inspiration. The suit of Wands is linked to the element of fire and how you yield your own force.

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Suit Of WandsQuick Meaning
Ace News, fertility, and beginnings
TwoMaking plans
FourA holiday
FiveStrong opinions
QueenA Creative Woman
KingA Creative Man

The King Of The Wands

UPRIGHT: A leader by birth, honor, and entrepreneur.

Reversed: Have high expectations, have impulsiveness, and have haste. 

The Queen Of The Wands 

UPRIGHT: Courageous, independent, and a social butterfly.

REVERSED: have self-respect, be self-confident, and be introverted.

The Knight Of The Wands

UPRIGHT: energy, passion, inspired action, adventure, impulsiveness

REVERSED: Passion project, hurriedness, dispersed energy, delays, and frustration

The Page Of The Wands 

UPRIGHT: full of inspiration, full of different and beautiful ideas, full of limitless potential, and having a free spirit.

REVERSED: full of newly formed ideas, diverting energy, having self-belief and a spiritual pathway. 

The Suit Of Cups

The suits of cups are linked to water, which represents feelings and emotions. 

The suit of cups is connected to water, associated with emotions, feelings, and instinct. It’s all about the inner water of a person. 

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Suit Of CupsQuick Meaning
Ace Love, fertility, beginnings
FourBoredom; stasis
FiveLoss, sadness
SixPeace; a visitor
SevenConfusion; possibilities
NineA wish come true 
TenHappiness and family
PageFun and socializing
KnightA dreamer; a proposal
QueenAn intuitive woman
KingA warmhearted man

The King Of The Cups

UPRIGHT: is very emotionally balanced, sympathetic, and diplomatic. 

REVERSED: understanding towards itself, having moodiness, full of inner feelings, and being emotionally very manipulative.

The Queen Of The Cups

UPRIGHT: empathetic, kind-hearted, mentally stable, instinctive, and lean inflow.

REVERSED: full of inner feelings, self-aid, full of self-love, self-hooked

The Knight Of The Cups

UPRIGHT: is full of creativity, romance, beauty, and has a charming personality. 

REVERSED: a great deal of imagination, having unrealistic thoughts, being full of jealousy, and very moody.

The Page Of The Cups 

UPRIGHT: full of curiosity and has very creative opportunities and spontaneous messages.

REVERSED: full of new ideas, doubting emotions, and emotional immaturity. Swords:

The Suit Of Sword

The suit of swords is linked to the air and the biosphere of mental health. The sword is all about the stories we all think we tell ourselves, the stories we make up in our minds. 

It is connected to our thoughts and how they manifest in us.

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Suit Of SwordsQuick Meaning
Ace Success 
SixLeaving conflict behind
PageGossip; contracts 
KnightBattles; an opponent 
QueenAn independent woman
KingA strong-willed man; also divorce 

The King Of The Sword

UPRIGHT: has excellent mental clarity and cognitive power.

REVERSED: misuse of power, the habit of manipulation, so many inner truths, and quiet strength.

The Queen of The Sword

UPRIGHT: very independent, takes unbiased judgment, has clear boundaries, and does direct communication. 

REVERSED: very emotional, gets easily influenced, has a habit of bitching, and is very cold-hearted.

The Knight of The Sword

UPRIGHT: assertive, aiming, impatient, daring, focused, perfect, cerebral, very ambitious.

REVERSED: rudeness, a habit of forcing, bullying, a very aggressive personality, arrogance.

The Page Of The Sword

UPRIGHT: full of new ideas and curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and love finding new ways of communicating.

REVERSED: expressiveness, do nothing but talk, aimlessness

The Suit Of The Pentacles

The suits of pentacles are linked with the earth. It’s all about how we deal with the world and our surroundings. It is also connected to money and also represents life values, feelings of safety, and worthiness.

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Suit Of PentaclesQuick Meaning
Ace Money, success, and beginnings
ThreeShowing your talent
FiveFinancial loss, exclusion
SevenPotential for success
EightMoney coming
NineMaterial comforts
TenInheritance, good business, and marriage
PageAn offer
KnightA dependable man
QueenA generous woman
KingA prosperous man 

The King Of The Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Wealth, business, leadership quality, full of security and discipline, very abundant

REVERSED: stubborn, financially incomplete, hungry for wealth.

The Queen Of The Pentacles

UPRIGHT: an efficient source of nourishment for a working parent.

REVERSED: financial independence, love of self-care, work-home conflict

The Knight of The Pentacles

UPRIGHT: hard-working, very productive, stick to routine, moderation.

REVERSED: have self-discipline, perfect boredom, and constantly feeling “stuck.”

The Page Of The Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Manifest, many financial opportunities, full of skill development.

 REVERSED: Lack of progress in life, dithering, always getting lessons from failure.

What exactly does the minor arcana tarot card reveal about your life?

The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards show your daily life interactions, thoughts, issues, daily experiences, and the problems you are currently dealing with in your life. They are temporary and will be fixed with time. The Major Arcana tarot card represents the long-life issues that will be with you your whole life. 

What is the impact of mainly having minor arcana tarot cards in a reading?

If you have mostly minor arcana tarot cards in your reading, then it means you are dealing with day-to-day life issues. These problems will pass with time; all you need to do is deal with them wisely. These issues allow you to learn from new experiences. At the same time, the major arcana tarot cards represent significant long-term issues.1