The Suit of Pentacles Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Suit of Pentacles Meaning

The minor Arcana consists of 4 suits and 56 cards, and these cards are typically associated with everyday aspects of our lives.

One of these suits is the suit of pentacles related to the element of earth. While working with Pentacles tarot card, consider earth as the ground we stand. 

Also, we plant seeds on the ground, which further helps in the growth of plants and gives us means for subsistence.

Therefore, the suit of pentacles represents our sense of reliability, sense of responsibility, and our sense of resilience.

When this card shows up in a tarot card reading, it usually talks about our resources, including our bodies, finances, and sense of security.

Suit of Pentacles- Strength

The strength of pentacles lies within their potential to clear the test of time. Since the earth suit is related to everything that matters to human life, our body and nature are also represented by it.

Pentacles prepare a strong foundation so that we can grow as people. Those associated with the suit of pentacles are ambitious, reliable, and responsible. They are hard-working and put constant effort to grow to stand with the times.

Suit of Pentacles- Weaknesses

The suit of pentacles and the earth has difficulty facing the changes. This happens at the worst of pentacles. The suit can be stubborn; the reason is their firm determination to go too far. 

They can be greedy, possessive, and materialistic when it comes to their concern with the material world.

Opposite pentacles can signify laziness, carelessness, or some loss of resources. It also signifies the missing of common sense. 

Now let us discuss different cards of Suits of Pentacles in brief.

Ace of Pentacles

Like other Ace cards, this card also shows that some opportunities had knocked you, and now it is up to you to take up or leave the opportunity. You can materialize the chance for your well-being. 

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Two of Pentacles

This card signifies that a man can handle multiple problems if he utilizes his resources to his full potential. Also, every life issue is manageable with proper focus and balance.

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Three of Pentacles

This card signifies the importance of teamwork. It shows that no task can be completed without a team that is crucial for completing the task.

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Four of Pentacles

This card shows that wealth is not everything. If you stick up with your wealth, you will start losing people in your life and be lonely. Also, this card indicates the stagnation of a person in one place due to his wealth.

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Five of Pentacles

This card indicates financial loss and poverty. People feel helpless in this situation; they think nobody can help them. However, there is always a hand of help available for us that we don’t see.

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Six of Pentacles

This card represents a cycle of receiving and giving in our life. Sometimes you can be on the receiving end, and sometimes on the giving end. It also suggests using the wealth generously for the benefit of others. 

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Seven of Pentacles

This card explains the relationship between hard work and success. Success comes only to those who work hard to achieve it. However, one must not overdo it because it can exhaust a person mentally and physically. 

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Eight of Pentacles

This card validates the phrase “practice makes a man perfect.” As someone dedicates themselves to something, distances themselves from any distractions, and focuses on only one thing, then that person becomes master of that particular thing.

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Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles represent extreme wealth. It shows the wealthy status who can fulfill all his desires. Also, the person has value in society, and he is a managed person who knows how to handle this much wealth.

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Ten of Pentacles

This card defines a wealthy man ready to share his hard-earned money with his loved ones. The wealth here is beyond material satisfaction, and he is deeply connected with society and community. 

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Page of Pentacles

The page of pentacles indicates a new beginning. This shows the hurdles and opportunities aligned with the new birth.

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Knight of Pentacles

This card represents efforts, work, and responsibility to achieve something. With the meaning of this card, a person can achieve whatever he wants if he has strong determination. 

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Queen of Pentacles

This card signals a sense of completeness. If this card shows up in a tarot reading, then it means that the person has achieved all the material things and is surrounded by happiness.

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King of Pentacles

This card indicates a being who has achieved great success in his life. He has earned money with his knowledge, and now he is ready to impart his knowledge to others. He is a fatherly figure to many as he works for self-growth and the growth of others. 

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