Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

The Four Of Pentacles card shows a picture of a man sitting on a stool and holding the pentacles in a defensive and tight position. It seems that from the picture, he is afraid of losing them. 

One pentacle is balanced on his head, the man between his hands tightly holds another, and two pentacles are secured underneath his feet.

He ensures that no one touches his coins while not moving because of his position. Therefore he is restrained from doing any action because he holds his money very tightly.

Sometimes money binds a person in one place and takes away freedom.

Upright: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Pentacles generates both negative and positive perceptions. On the one hand, it shows that you have worked hard and achieved your goal.

You have managed to gather a significant amount of money and wealth. However, on the other hand, it shows that you value things on their material worth only. 

You have worked hard and secured your current position, and this behavior is essential to make your position stable.

But this has a drawback which makes you a greedy and overly possessive person who wants to secure his wealth at any cost.

This card also signifies that you are financially stable due to your investments.

As this wealth is newly earned, you feel protective and are not ready to gamble it on any financial matter.

You are possessive about what you have acquired in your life, and you want your wealth to enhance at a steady rate. 

Being overprotective for preserving what you possess can make you a prisoner to your material possessions. Wealth is energy through which we can channel our expressions.

Upright: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Love Meaning

Your relationship can be very suffocating and clingy when four of pentacles show up. Your relationship can be full of jealousy and possessiveness, which can slowly decrease your happiness.

The issues of insecurity and fear are constantly involved with this card. If you are single, there might be a situation where past things haunt you.

Your desire for your ex to come back to your life can resist you from finding a new partner who can make you happy.

Upright: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Career Meaning

With the four of pentacles card, you may have found a new job, but the feeling of insecurity is still there inside you.

This feeling can harm you more than it can do well if you take it too far. This can also resist you and create boundaries to participate in teamwork with your full potential.

Also, you are afraid that your idea may get stolen, and someone else might take credit for your work.

Address your insecurities and get rid of them as soon as possible because they might turn into creating obstacles to your growth. 

Sometimes, this card also reflects that you are just receiving the salary in the wrong job. In reality, you hate being a part of that job. 

Upright: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Financial Meaning

You may have found a little stability with your finances as you were able to accumulate a little fortune for yourself. You may become extra protective of your acquired wealth. 

Alternatively, this card indicates that you are saving for some big happening in your life, like buying a new house or a car, or you are saving for your child’s future. 1

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Reversed: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

When this card is reversed, it indicates the opposite of what we have discussed in the upright meaning. This card shows that you have become greedy for more of what you have acquired.

Your fear of attaining poverty is the reason behind your actions. You are now acting more materialistically. You are afraid to trust people because they fear taking away your wealth.

On the other hand, this card reflects that you are spending too much money and need to control your expenses.

This card always depicts negative and positive approaches. You need to be accountable and alert if Four of the Pentacles pop up in your tarot card reading. 

Reversed: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Love Meaning

The feeling of jealousy and possessiveness you had in the past may start fading away now. The four pentacles can mean that past wounds can no more affect your relationship.

That, you are now happy with your relationship. If you are single, then it may mean that you are now open to meeting new people and letting go of things that prevented you from letting your romantic life from getting flourish. 

Reversed: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Career Meaning

The interpretation of Four of Pentacles is a little difficult here. Your association at your workplace represents your generous and warm-hearted nature.

You are open to giving credit and helping others. Also, this card means that you are now making decisions fearlessly without thinking about the consequences.

Avoid making irrational decisions as it can land you in a rather difficult situation than helping you. 

Reversed: Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Financial Meaning

With the four pentacles, you are now becoming more fragile with your finances. You have learned now that giving money to others feels great.

You may be sharing your wealth with your friends or family members. Also, now you buy things based on their quality and not on their price.

Sometimes you can instead be careless while helping others financially, and this approach of yours can attract thieves or other greedy people. Be careful and allow only those who need it genuinely. 

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