Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Eight of Swords signifies your anxiety and fear. You don’t look beyond your current situation.

You are trapped in a situation that is hard to leave and hard to stay in. Your potential to take your own decisions has lessened.

A tied-up and blindfolded woman is present on the Eight of Swords. The Eight Swords restrict her movement.

The Eight Swords creates a prison-like structure by surrounding her. The one who made the jailor the trap is a little fool because he has left some open space. Perhaps the woman can escape from the trap.

But the woman is blindfolded, so she cannot see the open space from where she can escape the trap.

The sterile land around her signifies that there is a lack of creativity. The grey sky in the background depicts the anguishes of the woman that she is caged, and therefore, she can never be free.

But if she can remove the blindfold, she can see that she can walk away from her situation.

Upright: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The extensive meaning of the Eight of Swords is the feeling of being trapped in a situation and can’t find a way out of the situation.

You might feel helpless because you think escaping from your current situation is beyond your power.

This feeling of helplessness and pettiness is responsible for your current situation.

Only this feeling has played a significant role in making your condition worse.

If you are giving your identity to some unknown entity, be it, a god, government, or something else, it means that you are giving away personal control to change your fate. 

You have willingly renounced your life’s journey in the hand of others. It is advised not to make your life’s decision at his point in time as your judgment-making capacity is blocked right now.

The only good part about all this is that you can leave this situation or state whenever you make your mind up to do that.

You just have to take off your blindfold, change your perspective, and realize your limits. This will ascertain the possibilities and your potential. Recognize your internal power.

Upright: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

When the upright Eight of Swords appears in your love life, you may feel trapped or stable with your current relationship.

Sometimes you may think that you have no choice, but this is not the situation. But in reality, you are keeping aside your capacity to see the bigger picture.

We ignore the possibilities of communicating with our partners and sorting things out. We deny taking a stand for ourselves.

To make the changes, you must take the initiative; otherwise, the items will never change.

If you’re single and not willing to meet new people in your life, then change your perspective. No one will come into your life to vanish your past relationship experiences. 

Upright: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

Your career is not up to your capabilities, but you cannot quit your current job. This is because that job fulfills all your needs, and you are scared to take any chance and quit the job.

You may sometimes feel that you cannot deviate from your career path because you don’t have the backup plan or steady income required. 

Leave your anxiety and think out of the box. You have lots of opportunities to explore. 

Make your hobbies your business, take a student loan from a reputable place, and help others. These options will remove your suffering.

Upright: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

You are afraid that all the gates are closing regarding your financial situation. Your bank account balance may alter your perception the reality. 

If you are willing to earn more money, you have to expand your sources.

Explore your talent. Your talent can help you to make a lot of money. You need to be a little creative to change your current situation.1

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Reversed: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The reversed eight of swords show a good sign. It depicts that you are mature enough to recognize your powers and potential.

You have gained this inner power after struggling and facing many bad situations. 

This means that a person can decide their capacity and has the power to change the world. It is the time to free ourselves from all of our limits and explore new experiences in our life.

Reversed: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

As soon as you take off your blindfold, you see a clear picture of your romantic life.

The Eight of Swords suggests that you have a clear understanding of your relationship and become more optimistic.

You may leave your anxieties behind, and you are clearer about what needs to be done to happier your life.

Fears and anxieties that have prevented you from enjoying your romantic life have now been lifted.

Reversed: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

It might have taken time for you to realize your potential, but you have now recognized it.

You are finally released from all your anxieties and fears regarding your career. This card suggests that a new job position that you have gained is utilizing your full potential and happier than before.

The Eight of Swords in the reversed form might depict a different picture. 

You may have lost all your hopes and accepted that you cannot grow further in your career. Every single day is a struggle. You have to find yourself every day. This change can only be made by you.

Reversed: Eight of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The Eight of swords in the reversed form suggest that your anxiety about your finances may be decreased by now, or it has increased.

You may be financially stable now, or your situation has continued.

You need to think about your anxieties before they get into your head and damage your mental health. Change your perspective to see things, and your situation will improve. 

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