King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You)

King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Swords signifies a person’s intelligence and critical thinking capacity. It shows a picture of a wiser and intelligent man with an intelligent personality who thinks of the situation very wisely and then decides thereon.

The King of Swords depicts a king who sits on his throne with a double-edged sword that points upwards towards his right hand.

The King of Swords indicated clear thinking, intellectual power, truthfulness, and authority of a person.

The King understands that power comes with great responsibility.

The blue tunic worn by the King represents his spiritual understanding. The butterflies indicate his transformation on the back of his throne. 

Upright: King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Swords shows you the correct path to remain unprejudiced in your current situation.

You must establish your truthfulness by clearly sticking to the facts. The King of Swords suggests you apply your intellect to clarify your point and achieve the final goal.

Besides your experience and education, you must be sharp-minded and a good observer. This helps you in facing the obstacles which you encounter on your way.

The King of Swords’ meaning also shows you that you must remain serious with your character, which further clarifies your mind.

While judging a situation, accommodate all the possible consequences in your mind to give your verdict appropriately. 

To maintain your rational thinking, keep emotion out while judging a situation.

The King of Swords suggests you take time to associate with other people’s thoughts and be open with the observations that you have made.

As far as your personal life is considered, the King of Swords suggests you think intellectually and logically to move on the path that lies ahead.

You will have to defy the issue at hand and make a wiser decision. 

The King of Swords suggests that you should be able to look at a situation in an unbiased matter and make a decision. The King of Swords also exhibits high ethical standards. 

Upright: King of Sword Tarot Card Love Meaning

The King of Swords is a controlled, cool, and very ambitious person. They have emotions, but it is minimal.

Instead of emotions, they mostly focus on intelligence and logic. They approach their relationships more ethically and respectfully in love-related matters or romance.

Sometimes they may not be romantic but like to express their feelings frankly. King of Swords indicates high standard ethics and intellect when it comes to romance.

The partners can also be challenging and support each other in pushing their limits.

Upright: King of Sword Tarot Card Career Meaning

The King of swords defines people who demonstrate their work and are of high standards. They may seem to be a bit serious, but in actuality, they act in this way to make sure you achieve your goal.

They challenge you to be the best while sticking to your principles. You must take their advice to attain progress in your career.

This person desires others’ success and makes way for it as well. The processes and routines of this person are also a lesson for others.

Upright: King of Sword Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The King of swords pushes you to be disciplined regarding your finances. It keeps an eye that you are saving and taking all the efforts to fulfill your desires.

Everything is achieved with lots of sacrifices, and to achieve financial goals, you have to make a lot of sacrifices. Before making any big financial decision, think logically.1

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Reversed: King of Sword Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Swords in the reversed form depicts bad habits like abusive, oppressive, and manipulative behavior. It also may indicate one’s power, authority, and drive are misused. 

It illustrates a person’s blandishment and manipulation habits to fulfill their desires.

The King of Swords reversal meaning may also imply that you may use complicated words while describing a simple thing which makes it difficult for other people. Another elucidation is you may be aggressive, and your anger may burst out.

Reversed: King of Sword Tarot Card Love Meaning

Reversed King of Swords may use their intellect for selfishness. The mind and polite nature guided in the upright meaning are gone and reversed.

The person starts making decisions with their emotions attached. Every learning of the upright meaning is reversed. This card suggests love standards when it comes to romantic relationships.

Reversed: King of Sword Tarot Card Career Meaning

You may feel that your workplace is not a pleasant one. The reversed King of swords shows a person at your workplace who is very aggressive, dominating, and self-centered. 

They use their powers for their benefit. And if you can’t find any such person at your workplace, then analyze your behavior with other people.

Reversed: King of Sword Tarot Card Financial Meaning

You may have overspent or brought anything that is not useful for you. This might happen to you if you’re not disciplined enough. But never get tempted to wrong schemes to regain what you have lost.

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