Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Nine of Swords depict a picture of your weaknesses and the thing which bothers you the most.

It tells the story of a person facing traumas due to his past conduct. The Nine of Swords depicts a picture of a woman who is holding her head in her hands while sitting on a bed. 

It appears from the picture that the woman has just awakened after having a very bad nightmare.

The woman seems to be anxious, upset, and fearful. The nine swords are hanging on her wall, and a carving shows a man defeated by another found on her bed.

Various astrological symbols and roses are present on the quilt to decorate it.

The same woman we saw in the Eight of Swords can also be seen here.

She was possibly finally released, but she was very scared because of the nightmare that showed her suffering when she was left and abandoned. 

Upright: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Swords is mainly associated with all your fears and anxiety. It is about all the things which worry you and keep you up all night.

Sometimes, this card might be associated with the trauma you fear about telling other people in your life.

It also associates all the psychological responses which come from the trauma. 

When we are never released from the entanglement of what is depicted in the Eight of Swords, we soar to the Nine of Swords, where we are troubled by the nightmares.

The suit of swords is concerned with intelligence, logic, mind, and communication.

Whereas nine swords are connected with the destructive end of the mind, the experience that fears you and multiplies within your mind. 

Questions in your head are disturbing you and making you sick.

You start imagining all the possible consequences or what could happen to you. You fear all the possibilities.

The sense of repetition is present in this card. You fear the event you have experienced in your past, which you somehow managed to escape or run away from. You fear all those things are coming back to you.  

Sharing this sorrow with someone might release your stress and pain. This will lighten your soul from carrying this burden alone.  

Upright: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

With the Nine of Swords tarot card love meaning, your anxieties and fears might boost.

Some nightmares keep you up all night. This card suggests that these fears are not terrible as you think in your head. 

You may be suffering from mental health issues, anxiety, insecurity, or trust issues with your partner. 

You’ll need to analyze whether your feelings are rational or not. You may find it challenging to handle your anxiety problems, but you’ll realize that you can work through these issues when you start looking for solutions.

If you’re still experiencing the trauma of your past relationships, overcome the feelings before getting into a new relationship.

Upright: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

You feel anxious and stressed whenever you think about your current work.

Sometimes this card may also point toward a delusion, but things are not bad as you think, which is also good news.  

Whatever be the circumstances, you may feel overwhelmed right now, and if continued for a longer time without any change, you may reach burnout. 

If you are stressing out due to external factors, you may need to change your workplace or your career path now.

If you are facing mental health issues, you may need to change your situation. It would help if you started thinking positively. 

Upright: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

You may be very much stressed right now because of your past financial decisions—the Nine of Swords points towards anxiety and worry, which you overthink about.

The problems are real, but you need to see things more realistically. Your inner feelings may panic you.

In this situation, you must take advice from a person and start taking things from the person’s perspective.1

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Reversed: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Swords in the reversed form sounds similar to the upright form. You may feel traumatized and anxious from your past experiences.

You should start understanding that this suffering won’t end if you don’t take any initiative.

In the reversed form, we see hope, the desire to forget the nightmares.

You have to get out of your current situation, and the rest will happen gradually.

Reversed: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

You may be ready to face the actual situation, and the truth with the reversed Nine of Swords. If you’re suffering from the situation alone, share your feelings with your partner. 

You can get your needed reassurance from your partner if your partner is supportive enough. Discussions can be a way to find peace for you. You may be able to find a way out of your scary nightmares.

Reversed: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

The issues you are facing right now might get lower down, or they might increase.

You have started feeling that your problems are not significant as you think, and you just have to change your attitude, perspective, and behavior towards approaching your problems.

Either you will have brighter days in the coming future, or your situation might worsen. 

You may be utterly exhausted after continuously facing the current situation, but you need to look at other tarot cards to find a solution.

Reversed: Nine of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The Nine of Swords either indicate that your financial situation is improving or getting worse. Other tarot cards will show you which way you are approaching. 

Either you have learned from your previous decisions, or you have got worse. Take advice from an experienced and realistic person.  

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