Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of swords depicts a picture of a woman who is intellectual, powerful, and smart. She holds a strong point of view in every decision.

The Queen of Swords wears a serious look, sitting high on the throne and looking off. The Queen of the element of air and the swords represents that no one can befool her or trick her. 

The Sword in her right hand is pointing toward the sky, and the Sword in her left hand is placed like it is offering something.

The Queen of Swords gives us knowledge about judging our everyday decisions. She also offers us the ability to gain knowledge from others.

Upright: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Swords represents an older and wiser female intellect. She is a serious and emotionless queen and also the strongest one. 

This card depicts the importance of deciding without attaching emotions to it.

The Queen of Swords suggests you look at the facts and then the judgment. 

The Queen has sympathy, and this is why she offers to help others by using her intellectual mind. 

The card suggests you take decisions independently. You must rely on your unbiased intuitions and decide after researching well.

Hold a strong objective while making the decision, and do not get distracted by getting emotions involved.

The Queen of Swords also tells us a way to communicate with others. The Queen can tell people everything with full frankness.

She puts her point firmly and clearly without any hesitation. This eliminates every kind of confusion from the mind of the people she is addressing.

Upright: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

The Queen of Swords is an alone woman, and she likes to surround herself with no one.

She has a very sharp intellect, she has a strong perspective about everything, and people around her might get scared. 

If this is the kind of person you like, you’ll need patience. She is not a woman who lets her guards down easily.

Upright: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

The Queen of Swords points towards someone senior or yourself in your career. The person to which this cards points must be heartfelt, wise, and may hold a strong criticism. 

If this card represents you, you are at a point in your career where you get the most respect from your colleagues.

Your decision related to your works is wiser, and you are a brilliant orator with genuine intellect.

Upright: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

When we talk about your finances, you’ll have to act with wisdom and logic in the current situation. Maintain a balance between your mind and heart.

If someone asks you for financial suggestions, think from your perspective and theirs as well.

This Queen is sharp and intelligent, preparing a set of plans. Make your finances clear in your mind.1

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Reversed: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Swords reversed meaning is that you attach your heart and involve your emotions while making any decision.

You must start thinking more wisely and objectively. Your emotions might get you off the target. 

Take your time to think about a situation. Critical thinking by keeping all the possible observations in mind leads to a wiser decision. 

This will help you in deciding your next move. When this card is reversed, the Queen could be cold-hearted and bitter.

You may cut yourself from society because of some legitimate reason, but the people will take it the other way.

Reversed: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

A reversed Queen of Swords is clever, critical, and manipulative. They can be a person with whom you are in a relationship right now or someone who is trying to interfere in your relationship. 

This person behaves like this because he/she might be suffering from unresolved trauma. And if you are this person, then act kindly with your partner and resolve your problems.

Reversed: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

Is there someone at your workplace who holds grudges against you? Well, this might be the situation in the reversed form.

In reversed form, the Queen of Swords uses her strong intellect and logic to create suffering for another person.

She can be harsh and bitter. If this is you, then start acting better at your workplace.

Reversed: Queen of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

If you cannot manage your finances well, then take suggestions from a financially wiser person.

Also, you might be having lots of financial unclarity, which is the reason for the imbalance in your finances.

You need to learn from your experience and make a clearer decision from next time onwards.

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