Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Swords depicts a picture of a person who has been stabbed from the back many times.

But the person learns from his past experiences and creates a better future for himself for which the person has to take the initiative.

Another doomy and striking card in the deck is the Ten of Swords.

It depicts a man lying on the ground facing the dirt. His body is covered with red cloth. Ten swords are stabbed into his back. This man probably not has seen this end coming to him.

There is some feeling of negativity and fear in the surroundings which can be witnessed from the stillness in the air and the black sky above the man.

The water in front of the man is still with no wave adding to the flow of the water.

The weather is very calm despite the darkness, as the sunrise in the east. The Ten of Swords depicts the lowest point in anyone’s life because the sun is still rising even in this state.

Upright: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Swords indicates a major tragedy of some sort.

It indicates that a major force has hit your life, which you have not predicted earlier. As the character is stabbed in the back, there is a sense of betrayal in the Ten of words. 

This illustrates that we cannot control everything in our lives no matter how hard we try.

Some situations are beyond our ability to change. There the situation is unavoidable.

The story of the suit of swords is a powerful allegory, which always ends in tragedy. The swords symbolize intelligence and logic, and yet, in the end, we find the pinnacle of this suit, a complete and total loss of our spirits. 

We must realize that swords are weapons and can be used for good and destruction.

The story depicted in the cards of ace to ten tells that a person uses this weapon for various uses and makes many mistakes in his life. He spends the rest of his life covering all his mistakes and running away from the power he has misused.

This person feels that the swords are his external parts and when the swords are actually part of him, and then he suffers once again.

He does not feel pain because of the circumstances but because of anxiety and fear, or the fear of not controlling things that surround him.

After the miserable feeling of the Nine of Swords, either you were able to take the pressure or accepted your defeat.

The Ten of swords shows a poor picture of yourself where you feel like you can do nothing. 

You must remember that the end of something is always the beginning of something new. This feeling might help you to feel better.

Upright: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

The Ten swords in its love meaning indicate a love relationship that is about to end or a relationship filled with pain, grief, and bitterness. You may have already predicted the failure of your relationship. 

This period might have been the most painful period of your life, but you have to overcome it.

Everybody must learn something from their past relationships and move ahead in their lives.

Only with the acceptance of the fact can you heal your body and mind and move ahead in your life.

Upright: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

In the worst case, you may be reaching the end of your current job because the Ten of Swords indicates an ending.

Perhaps this card shows that you might be suffering from office politics, which might have spread rumors about you. 

You may have worked very hard and still, and you have not achieved what you deserved.

This miserable feeling must be left behind, and you must learn something from it. In your difficult times, think of what you have learned, and know that in the end, you will survive.

Upright: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

Your financial situation right now may be very serious or alarming.

You might have invested your money at the wrong place in the past and are suffering a loss now. Avoid all kinds of risky endeavors and start spending your money wisely. 

Avoiding risks can be very beneficial for you at this moment in your life.1

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Reversed: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

When we see any version of Ten of swords, the feelings are very powerful. Whether the card is reversed or upright, this card signals your defeat.

There is no way to avoid tragedy, and it has happened after a long course of events. In the reversed form, there is nothing more you can do. 

You have already done many things, and now things can get better only.

But like the Eight and Nine of Swords, you must initiate this cycle. There is an opportunity for you to correct things and start a new chapter.

But for all these pleasures you have to take initial steps on your own. Things will get better in the coming days.

Reversed: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

You may have a terrible experience in your romantic love life, but ten swords in the reversed form suggest that you are on your way towards healing.

If you are in a relationship, then the bond with your partner is intended to be improved. 

The Ten swords in the reversed form indicate the healing stage of a person from past relationship wounds. It makes the person more powerful than ever.

Reversed: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

Your journey of healing from the past stresses is getting started. You may have changed your job, which was frustrating and has levied so much stress on you in the past. You have now overcome all of this. 

You can breathe a sigh of relief by reminding yourself that what is ahead in your life stress-free and easier to deal with.

However, this card can also suggest that your current situation will worsen, and you need to do something to save yourself from collapsing.

Reversed: Ten of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

You are now on the verge of building your financial foundation again. You may have suffered a massive loss of your resources, but now you stabilize again. All your past experiences related to your finances will help you grow financially in the future. 

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