Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Swords Symbolizes the Confusion we face when we are forced to make difficult choices.

In this card, we can see a blindfolded woman sitting with a sword in each of her hands. In the woman’s background, we can see a sea surrounded by crags and rocks, which is stopping ships and vessels, hindering the progress and further action. 

The blindfolded woman represents a situation that prevents her from seeing the problems and solutions with clarity.

The swords in her hand show that two choices lead in a different directions but are mutually exclusive.

It is also represented as a stalemate, which means that the problems must be addressed with rational and logical thinking.

The Moon on the right side shows the significant role of illusions and double-dealing in the difficulty the woman faces in making her choices.

Upright: Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

We encounter a stalemate when we see the Upright Two of Swords in a reading.

We see two equal, and opposite forces joined in the battle, and we can’t see the end of the fight.

This was not the situation in your mind when you decided to go on this path, and now you are caught in the middle. Without someone or something to intervene in the process, this might continue indefinitely.  

We find ourselves in a situation where we have to choose between either of the two sides.

And none of the sides looks appealing, which makes the decision more difficult. But unless we pass this deadlock, there is no possibility of further progress. 

The two of Swords are related to balance and partnership. It shows the importance of keeping your relationship balanced.

If you are in a business, romantic relationship, or friendship, you may find yourself sometimes stuck in the middle struggling to maintain the current state of affairs.

In regards to your work, you be currently stuck in a difficult situation, and you might perhaps be waiting for the other party’s decision. Remain patient and don’t pressure people to make their decision quickly. 

The two Swords depict a warning to save you from any danger or mistakes.

You may be stuck in difficult situations like the blindfolded woman and don’t have the clarity. You should avoid evading the issue you are facing, as it will not solve your problem.

Upright: Two of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

Suppose you are single and stuck in a difficult situation. Then two swords show you the path and give you an option to choose between the two lovers.

Also, the world stops a couple from resolving their issues. Your efforts might block all the ways to find a better life partner for yourself.

The Two of Swords finds a way to solve your problem by talking with your partner.

Upright: Two of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

You might face a difficult situation in your office when you have to choose between two of your colleagues.

This is a very crucial decision which you have to make. The problem you must be facing is to remain impartial. 

Your relationship with your office colleagues will be depended on this situation.

Two Swords show you the correct path and tell you to make a wiser decision. If you have the time, research which side you have to choose. It’ll help you think critically.

Upright: Two of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

Are you someone who is avoiding a decision that is based on money? Finding it difficult to manage your finances?

Well, many people face all these problems, and they can’t find an answer to them. The Two of Swords card shows you the correct path to make a wiser decision. 

Sometimes you have to choose between essential and non-essential things directly related to finances.

This decision is necessary, which you have to take wisely. Two of Swords help you in making this decision.1

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Reversed: Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The situation which we face in the reversed Two of Swords is the battle between two forces and is of legendary kinds.

This can represent both internal and external forces, and you will be forced to be in the middle and decide.

Let’s see the Two of Swords reversed meaning in love, career, and finances.

Reversed: Two of Swords Tarot Card Love Meaning

When no one is suitable for you, you cannot prioritize your love, family, or friendship. This situation is addressed by the two of swords cards very nicely. It shows you the right path to take a wise decision.

Reversed: Two of Swords Tarot Card Career Meaning

If you are stuck between office politics and can’t find a way out, then your problem probably might increase. This is because your decision-making power is weak, and you can’t make wise decisions.

Reversed: Two of Swords Tarot Card Financial Meaning

When you face a difficult situation related to your finances, you start learning to manage it. This process is slow, but it takes no time when you get inside it. Learn little at a time and make progress.

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