Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Eight Wands depicts the patience of an individual in their lives. Everything happens in their own time as they are supposed to.

This card suggests patience at every phase of your life. 

The Eight of Wands is depicted as eight flying staves which appear to be suspended in the air.

It may look like a wand that is blossoming and flying at a maximum speed.

In the background of the traveling wands, we can see a clear sky which indicates that nothing can hinder the way they make it to the final destination. 

The heavenly landscape can be seen with a river streaming and the water giving life to this image.

The wands appear as they are about to land, showing that the journey is about to end.

Upright: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Wands in its upright meaning indicates that the problems created by the Seven of Wands are finally over.

This card signifies a strong level of energy which indicates major renovations in your life. 

Perhaps some important news might come to your life anytime soon, indicating steady and positive growth.

The Eight of Wands may also be related to your work and depicts that important news may come your way soon. You have to wait and be patient.

The Eight of Wands indicates your eagerness for commitment in your relationship; however, you must not force the other party to the commitment.

This card suggests you be patient and wait for the right time. Earlier, the things which were not materialized may get on track very soon.

Upright: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Love Meaning

Once you find your love on the right track again, you will start feeling excited and relieved.

If you are single, you may see that your romantic life is set to start again, your new love interest will spark, and your love life will start moving surprisingly quickly.

Make sure you are ready to take advantage of this energy and don’t miss any opportunity. 

Good news will come up very soon if you are in a relationship. Just have patience and wait for the right time. 

Upright: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Career Meaning

The eight wands concerning your career indicate progress. It indicates rapid movement symbolically.

Physically this card suggests that you are progressing in your work or you are about to take a business trip. 

You have a positive vibe that you are gradually progressing in your career.

The feeling is that you are making your way towards fulfilling your desires. This advancement is vivifying. Keep your confidence that you will achieve as per your expectations.

Upright: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The eight of wands is associated with speed, which is applied to your money position right now.

Your money will go quickly with the same speed as it comes to you. You will have to keep track of your spending and earnings.

The money is tempting and needs to spend very carefully. This card indicates your constant money flow.1

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Reversed: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The eight wands in the reversed form are associated with patience. You might be frustrated about something, and you are losing your patience.

You might start realizing that the obstacles are created in your ways that hinder your progress.

You must understand by now that you cannot change your past. Stop blaming yourself and adapt your strategy for the future.

In terms of work, you might be having disagreements with your colleague.

This might derail you from achieving your endeavors. Just don’t lose your patience and relax. Think wisely and positively. 

The eight wands in the reversed form indicate jealousy in terms of love.

This feeling with no base will affect your good relationship with your partner. This card shows that you need to improve your strategies and focus. A lack of both can deviate you from your path.

Reversed: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Love Meaning

With the reversed eight of wands’ love meaning, misunderstandings might develop in your current relationship.

Regardless of the current status of your relationship, think wisely before saying anything to anyone. 

Reconsider all the decisions as any decision taken right now can hamper your relationship with your partner.

Give your time to your partner and be patient. Things will get better. Never stop communicating with your partner.

Reversed: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Career Meaning

This card indicates two positions. First, you are not moving up in your career, and second, you have moved too fast in the past.

If you are frustrated because of your stagnation, you have missed opportunities in the past. 

You are not moving up in your career because you miss out on opportunities and do not take any initiative to grab one.

You must not lose your patience in this situation. Ask other people how they handle their tasks. You will learn to handle new responsibilities very soon.

Reversed: Eight of Wands Tarot Card Financial Meaning

You are frustrated with your money flow right now. You want faster money flows. In its reversed form, this card indicates that you have slow progress.

You must be patient with finances. Your small investment will yield significant results in the future. 

All your desires will be fulfilled one day, and you will not feel frustrated. Good things take time. Meanwhile, be patient with everything.

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