The Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Wands tarot cards have two men dancing in joy, having flowers in their hands, and celebrating. In the background, there’s a wreath with pretty flowers and grapes between the wands.

Both elements on the card show the satisfaction, joy, and celebration in a person’s life after a significant achievement. And in the background, there is also a group of people representing the safety and comfort of a home.

Upright: Four of Wands Meaning

If the four wands come upright in your tarot reading, then it is an indication of happiness, prosperity, celebration, and appreciation as good things are on their way to you. This is a card of joy and happiness. 

This card shows that you will be returning to your favorite familiar place soon, whether it’s your own home or a friend’s.

Before returning to your home, you will have to do renovation work. 

Or you will soon be getting ready to shift to your new habitat. The four of wands tell you that you should stop watching your past success and celebrate it, as it is a time of celebration.

So step back and enjoy your success now. It is important to celebrate every small milestone in your life.

It’s also really important to give yourself an award for every achievement, so every celebration is an award for yourself.

Upright: Four of Wands Love Meaning

The four of wands are the card of celebration, family, and reunion. If you are in a relationship, try to build a stronger, more stable, and trustable relationship.

Your relationship will become stronger with the support of your family and friends. If you are single, go to communities and gatherings; you might find your love there.

Upright: Four of Wands Career Meaning

The upright four wands show your career that you will have stability in your career. You will probably make new friends and supportive friends at your workplace at work.

The gathering at your working place may take you closer to knowing that this gathering will make your bond stronger and closer to your colleagues and boss.

Upright: Four of Wands Financial Meaning

The upright four wands show your finances that you keep spending money on your loved ones. You will buy gifts for your loved ones or take them to dinner.

These things might not increase your financial status, but they suit your social life and relationships. 1

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Reversed: Four of Wands Meaning

When the four wands appear reversed in your tarot reading, it indicates that you should rejoice in your personal goal accomplishments.

The four wands also show that you are going a good way and have achieved mental stability and inner peace within yourself. 

Do you know why you are here? It’s because of yourself. So award yourself with a celebration.

It also has its reverse meaning, like Four of the wands indicate that tension might be roiling between you and your family members, friends, or partner. You may also face some discomfort in the coming days.

Reversed: Four of Wands Love Meaning

In reverse, the four wands show about your love life that you always have to face conflicts between your family and partner at romantic moments. You can also face incompatibility between your friends and the person you love. 

Reversed: Four of Wands Career Meaning

In reverse, the four wands represent your career and the difficulties you are having in forming relationships. These difficulties are very general according to the sense of the environment of your office.

The atmosphere of your workplace will be harshly unfriendly and breathless. In your office, events will take place, but they will go differently than planned. This card highlights the specific concerns and tension points.

Reversed: Four of Wands Financial Meaning

The four of wands in reverse order state about your finances that you might be struggling as your financial status are inferior.

Your financial problems are linked to your concerns, making your situation worse. Stay away from lending money to your friends and family who ask for an amount you can’t afford.

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