King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

King of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The King of Wands represents a confident person with a positive attitude. These people are highly ambitious and always have a goal to achieve.

These people shift their focus to achieving that particular goal. But sometimes, this person also lacks confidence which makes their condition miserable.

They don’t plan to execute their ideas or take any initiative.

The King of Wands depicts a man holding a blossoming wand; this represents man’s creativity and his life’s passion.

His throne and cape are decorated with salamander and lion, which shows his strength and firepower.

The salamander biting represents his ability to face all the obstacles or hindrances, and his tail further means overall movement.

The King’s robe is bright, and the orange color resembles a flame.

Let’s understand the symbolism behind the King of wands.

Upright: King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Wands in the upright meaning indicates pure energy. This card is not focused on pure creativity, unlike other cards in the deck.

Here, the King is more focused on making an idea and implementing the same himself. The King of Wands is a capable leader, and he has not inherited this quality from anyone.

When the King sets an aim or a goal, he diverts all his focus on that particular goal and ensures that his dream becomes a reality one day.

The King of Wand is a highly dedicated person, and he sets goals, whether small or big, doesn’t matter, and uses all his energy towards the completion of that goal.

Upright: King of Wands Tarot Card Love Meaning

If the upright King of wand tarot card shows up here, it shows that there is never a dull moment with the King, and he is energetic and generous, and he takes all his time and efforts for his partner.

The fiery nature of King indicates his short temper, but he forgets everything as soon as he gets angry with them. Some people may find the King of wands exhausting, but he is inspiring in reality. 

If you are in a relationship and this card shows up, then it depicts that the relationship is a happy one.

The love between the partners is deep and fascinating, and they both are passionate about their love. An argument can take place between you two sometimes. 

Upright: King of Wands Tarot Card Career Meaning

The upright King of wands in your career means respect and success in your field. If the King appears here, then it means you are in a stronger position here.

You might be a mentor to some people, and they find you as a person with high values and morals. The King also suggests success in the business. 

You are doing well in your career right now. This condition is not temporary, and it will continue for a long time. You have achieved all this with your daring and determination. 

Upright: King of Wands Tarot Card Financial Meaning

If you find the King here, you can manage your finances. You can save money, but you can also spend very well when it comes to spending. 

This makes a balance with your money and protects your money as well. Continue with this process. Saving money is a wiser decision but spending it on others is a good gesture.

The stability with your finances and the success you are facing can be permanent. This habit will continue as long as you continue to practice them.1

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Reversed: King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The feeling of arrogance is associated with the reversed meaning of this card. This card shows that the King is rather aggressive with his goals, regardless of consciousness.

This card in the reversed form depicts a person prone to making rash and aggressive decisions.

This person can sometimes be dominating. However, his character is not like this, but sometimes he becomes aggressive and rash with others. 

The card represents the worst characteristic: selfishness and cruelty in the reversed form. 

Reversed: King of Wands Tarot Card Love Meaning

When reversed, the King of wands reflects dominating person and has a bossy attitude. The difficulties in your relationship are caused because of your attitude.

When you think that you are being harsh to be good at something, others might find you rude.

Everybody has a way of learning things, and you must give time to your partner and not pressurize them for something.

Reversed: King of Wands Tarot Card Career Meaning

The reversed King of Wands means that the person lacks leadership quality and direction. You are lethargic, and you wait for others to bring in opportunities for you.

If you continue this habit, you may never find your passion. If you have goals and ambitions, but things are not going well.

This is happening with you because you lack confidence and the urge to do the same. 

It is essential to trust your instinct rather than being relied on the advice of others.

Trust yourself and go for what you want in your career. You only need to work on your confidence, and things will get better.

Reversed: King of Wands Tarot Card Financial Meaning

Take the initiative if things are not working your way. Don’t wait for the universe to make up things for you. You might be losing financial stability with the reversed King of wands.

Take charge of your finances, and be proactive in seeking out economic opportunities. 

Make financial planning, lower your spending, and find more ways to earn money. It would help if you stabilized your financial strength right now.

Focus more on seeking opportunities rather than waiting for them. You need to work out your finances so that your current situation does not prevail long-term.

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