Ten of Wands Tarot Meaning Explained (Good Or Bad For You?)

Ten of Wands Tarot Meaning

This card depicts the basic life cycle of an ordinary person. The difficulties we face, the success we get, and the lessons we learn during our lives are depicted in this card very well.

In this card, a man can be seen carrying heavy wood in the form of ten bundles approaching a nearby town.

This image of ten of wands depicts a picture of a man who has struggled a lot in his life and has succeeded. Now he is taking the harvests to his final destination.

Although the man is still far away from his final destination, he has covered the most challenging part of his life, and now he just needs some time to relax and enjoy his success.

Upright: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

This card indicates that you have completed your life cycle after lots of struggle.

You have surpassed all the obstacles using your resources and lots of energy. Your hard work was worth doing, and you have been rewarded with happiness.  

Though all this sounds very much satisfying, there are many responsibilities on your side as well.

You are the only person in your family and friends who can solve any problem.

You are the only one who can move to a whole new world full of challenges. 

At this point, you have so many responsibilities on you to maintain your success. The business you have started is flourishing, and you have to work hard to keep the efficiency of your business. 

These small issues can enhance at any time, and you need to prioritize the problems while solving them so that you do not lose control of your business. 

This card expresses the story of the natural world where people burden themselves with responsibilities that they get after initial success in their life. 

More challenges keep coming to you, and you get tangled with all your responsibilities.

You have to manage your family, work, and your dependents. But one thing you must realize by now is that you cannot solve every problem independently. You need to share your problems with someone to get less stress.

Upright: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Love Meaning

With the ten of wands tarot love meaning, you may feel the burden of your love.

Other aspects of your life, like your work and finances, make it difficult to be romantic. 

Most people get relieved from their stress due to work and other problems because of their romantic life. 

But with this card, it feels like another burden on your shoulders. If you are in a relationship, share this issue with your partner.

This might even bring the two closer to each other than before. If you are single, give your time to yourself before finding a partner. Take good care of yourself. 

Upright: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Career Meaning

This card is a card of burden for all the working people. The upright ten of wands suggests that you feel overworked.

It might be because you have so many works to do on your own. Try to share and delegate it, if possible.

Collaborations and delegations are the only help available for you right now. 

Ask for help and speak up about the uneven distribution of work, don’t get afraid in doing this. It is okay to ask for help or a hand if you need one.

Upright: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Finance Meaning

If you find ten of wands upright regarding your finances, then there is a financial burden on you right now.

You may have outstanding dues and other expenses which you have to pay. This might be big education or business loan. 

For this, take advice from experienced people. 

Don’t make any decisions in a hurry. Take help from professional people because they might plan to resolve your problems.1

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Reversed: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The ten of wands in the reversed form indicate that extreme circumstances in your life overburden you.

Check your surroundings and cut down those that are not essential. This rectification will improvise your current condition. 

Anything that does not add value to your life is not worth keeping. Let all the unpleasant circumstances go.

Reversed: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Love Meaning

You and your partner are meant to face every difficult situation together, but with this card, one of you will find it difficult.

Your relationship’s health can deteriorate if the overburdens are not shared properly. 

One person will hold all the responsibilities that protect the other person from stress, or worse.

Perhaps if this is you, then start trusting your partners. Give a chance to your partner.

The person who loves you always wants to see you happy. They will surely help you, as it will give them pleasure.

Reversed: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Career Meaning

The ten wands in the reversed form indicate that you are relieved from your work-related stress.

You might have achieved this because you have delegated your work.

After successfully delegating the work, you may realize that so much work is simply too much for an individual. 

Delegating work to a group of people will complete the work under no stress and perfection.

With this, you’ll be able to relax a bit. This will save you from breaking up mentally and physically due to an overload of work. 

You will now have time to take a moment for yourself and relax.

Reversed: Ten of Wands Tarot Card Financial Meaning

The ten of wands in the reversed form mean that you have successfully resolved your financial problems here. It indicates that you have taken steps to resolve your core issues.

Also, if you have not understood the main reason for your financial instability, then chances are there that you will get deeper inside it. This card is situational to your life. To determine the meaning, consider your potential to manage your finances. 

Also, if you cannot determine what steps you have taken to resolve your economic issues, you might not have taken enough steps.

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